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Hemingway-South covers all of your Property Management needs, from finding the right tenant to lease to, to managing tenant needs and payment collection, to maintaining your property in prime condition.  With decades of hands-on experience in the industry, we handle all of the difficult and demanding work, giving you a hassle-free and low-risk experience renting out your property.

Hemingway-South: Premium Full-Service Property Management

Our Property Management service is a comprehensive process that starts with a thorough vetting of applicants interested in renting your property.  We examine employment, financial history, references, and more to ensure that the person or family renting your house is a quality tenant who will be reliable in paying rent and respecting the house.  This is the most vital step to set your renting experience up for success, and our team is experienced at verifying the quality of the prospective tenant and the accuracy of the information they have provided.

Hemingway-South will coordinate all inspections, maintenance, and repairs needed for your property in order to protect the value of your real estate investment.  Further, we will have someone from our Property Management company out to visit your property every week to verify the tenant is complying with the requirements of the lease agreement and all maintenance contractors are being thorough and consistent with the upkeep of your property.  We will also use this weekly visit to identify any care needs your house or land may have and address it preventatively.  Our management team will ensure you receive your rental payments from tenants, and will aide with legal procedures in the event that a tenant is defaulting on their lease.

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    Decatur GA Hemingway-South Real Estate

    We Can Help You With...

    ① Leasing

    Advertise your property, screen prospective tenants, handle paperwork and lease signing, supervise the move in and/or move out.

    ② Management Services

    Collect rental payments, respond to tenant questions & needs, handle legal services, and provide bookkeeping

    ③ Maintenance

    Weekly in-person check on property, schedule inspections, maintenance, and repairs

    Property Management Service Area

    Hemingway-South manages properties in select areas of Dekalb County, Georgia:

    • Oakhurst, GA (30030)
    • Decatur, GA (30030)
    • North Decatur, GA (30033)
    • Avondale Estates, GA (30002)
    • Emory Village, GA (30307)
    • Lake Claire, GA (30307)
    • Toco Hills, GA (30306)
    • Druid Hills, GA (30306)
    • North Druid Hills, GA (30329)
    • Scottdale, GA (30079)